中欧班列 济南—列日 专线正式开通

2021-02-26 19:32 发布




December 18, 2020, the first EU- China block train "Qilu"  (Jinan - Liege) is launched successfully. it is co-ordinated and operated by Shandong High Speed ​​Group. The train carried about 348 tons of anti-epidemic materials such as medical masks and isolation gowns. It was dispatched from Jinan South Station and departed via Erlianhot. It arrived at the train terminal of Liege port after 25 days. This is the fourth train from China to Liege after Zhengzhou, Yiwu and Chengdu. It further enriches the logistics and transportation network between Liege and different cities and geographical locations in China.

Liege is located in the eastern part of Belgium, with superior geographical conditions. It is well-connected by air, rail and water. The highway network is connected to many European cities. It also has the largest cargo airport Liege Airport in Belgium. So Liege is one of the most important logistics hub in Europe. In recent years, with the gradual deepening of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative, more and more Chinese companies have selected their supply chain and logistics centers in Liege airport.