2021-04-23 23:34 发布

列日机场 - 沙特阿拉伯航空货运宣布与菜鸟网络(阿里巴巴集团旗下的物流公司)签署货运协议,以支持中国与欧洲之间的电子商务运营。该航线从香港出发,抵达目的地比利时列日机场。每周运营五班。此新航线的开通再次证明了列日机场作为连接中国到欧洲的门户的重要地位,特别是对中欧跨境电商的运输发挥的重要作用。


Liege Airport - Saudia Cargo announced that it has signed an agreement with Cainiao Networks (A logistics company under Alibaba Group) to support e-commerce operations between China and Europe. The route departs from Hong Kong and arrives at Liege Airport in Belgium. It operates five flights a week. The opening of this new route once again proves the important position of Liege Airport as a gateway connecting China to Europe, especially its important role in the transportation of cross-border e-commerce goods between China and Europe.