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立驰航国际是一家总部位于中国上海的国际物流公司,在中国 荷兰 西班牙 法国 英国 意大利 匈牙利 德国等多个国家和地区设立分支机构,以形成覆盖20多个国家100多个港口城市的国际化货运代理网络。2020年7月,立驰航国际在比利时列日成立了公司FULL MILE CARGO SERVICE,作为他们在比利时的分公司。

FULL MILE CARGO SERVICE 依托比利时列日机场得天独厚的物流优势,为企业和客户提供专业海运、陆运、空运、多式联运、仓储、报关等相关国际物流服务。在短短几个月的时间内,他们发展相当的迅速。目前他们在列日机场拥有一个7000平米的保税仓库,用来作为货物的分拣和处理。据公司负责人Rose女士介绍,他们计划将在仓库安装自动传送带,以便提高操作效率和减少人为失误。她还说仓库计划在今年扩大到11000平米。

包机业务也是FULL MILE CARGO SERVICE 的主要核心业务之一。目前FULL MILE CARGO SERVICE开通从中国济南到列日的货运包机,每周固定4班。

FULL MILE CARGO SERVICE在列日机场已经招聘了20名员工,Rose女士说他们还在继续在不同的岗位招聘更多的员工,一满足公司日益壮大发展的需要。

Richsale International is an international logistics company headquartered in Shanghai, China. They have already established branches in China, Netherlands, Spain, France, UK, Italy, Hungary and Germany and other countries and regions covering more than 100 cities' ports in order to create an international freight transportation network. In July 2020, Richsale International established the company FULL MILE CARGO SERVICE in Liege, Belgium, as their branch in Belgium.

Relying on the unique logistics advantages of Liege Airport in Belgium, FULL MILE CARGO SERVICE provides customers with professional air/sea/land multimodal transportation, warehousing, customs declaration and other related international logistics services. They developed their business quite rapidly in just a few months after company creation. They have a bonded warehouse around 7,000 square meter at Liège Airport, which is used for sorting and handling of all different goods. According to Ms. Rose, the CEO from the company, they plan to install automatic conveyor belts in the warehouse to improve operational efficiency and reduce the possibilities of human errors. She also said that the warehouse plans to expand to 11,000 square meters this year.

The charter business is also one of the main core businesses of FULL MILE CARGO SERVICE. so far FULL MILE CARGO SERVICE has opened freight charter flights from Jinan, China to Liege, with 4 regular flights per week.

FULL MILE CARGO SERVICE has recruited 20 employees at Liege Airport at the moment. Ms. Rose said that they are still looking for more employees in different positions to meet the needs of the company growth.